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Transfer Money abroad with zero fees In just three easy steps

1. Register with Spetrex.

2. Post your transfer amount and negotiate preferred rate with your match,

3. Arrange a SAFE location in destination country with your proxy and make the transfer.

Exchange money within your city or country
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1. Register with Spetrex and post your transfer amount.

2. Spetrex match you with persons within your assigned city.

3. Negotiate preferred rate with your match, arrange a SAFE meeting location and exchange currencies.

Spetrex Concept

Spetrex is a social application. It helps you find people to exchange money around you, instead of an exchange office or transfer via bank. With Spetrex, you find a person in your area. Whether you need to exchange money while backpacking around Europe or transfer a school fee in Los Angeles, or if you would like to exchange the last of your holiday money before travelling home, Spetrex can help you exchange money without paying any commission.

Our Services

Spetrex's goal is to provide an unrivalled service experience that demonstrates fairness and transparency in every aspect of its delivery to maintain a stable and secure environment for its customers to get the required value.

Our Features

Spetrex Offers these Features and many more;

24/7 Transaction

Worried about banks and their closing hours? Don’t worry, spetrex will help you find people within your location at any time of day for your transactions.

Easy FX Transactions

Open a SPETREX account and you can exchange currency or transfer money easily in a safe, secure location of your chosen.

Bank Beating Rates

Worried about conventional FX hidden fees, exorbitant rates, and unnecessary service charges? Spetrex protect you from exorbitant charges by giving you the power to negotiate a fair deal in two different currencies.


Spetrex gives you the option to choose verified trusted users. Checking the reviews of other peers. SPETREX gives you added protection by verifying every member using government issued identifications.


Exchange Currency -&- Transfer Money


We help foster mutually beneficial exchange by connecting you with real people nearby with currency needs. Exchanging with Spetrex does not incur any hidden fees or commissions. Start your exchanging today.


Select preferred currency, exchange amount and post.


Choose from the list of a suitable person near you from your assigned city.


Contact and negotiate rates. Meet your match at a safe location of your chosen. Close the deal by exchanging currencies. Rate each other on our review section.


Send money abroad at your negotiated exchange rate with no hidden fees. With Spetrex, you can exchange currencies at parallel market rate by negotiating the best deal for yourself. Skip the bank and begin your international money transfer today.


Select preferred currency you’d like to transfer overseas, exchange amount and post.


Select preferred country and send currency offer rate to the list of suitable persons in that country


Once negotiation is complete, send your money to a proxy (friend or family) in your destination country, meet your match in a safe location and swap the currencies.

Get The Best Online FX Offers

Spetrex has partnered with leading currency exchange providers to create the Spetrex Online foreign exchange (FX) services to our clients.
This exclusive program features preferred FX rates, easy enrollment, flexible conversion options and 24-hour customer service.
The Spetrex Online FX Services is operated and administered exclusively by our partners. Spetrex does not operate or administer these transfers. You can learn more about Spertrex here About Us.

How it Works

Start exchanging and transferring funds in 4 easy steps:

Set up your account Getting started is fast and easy. Simply register for an account online (it only takes few seconds).

Get a Quote from our providers and Lock-in Your Rate.

Send Your Funds Online (through Spetrex website).

Your Funds are delivered in minutes.

Exclusive Benefits and Features

Best FX Rates

Up to 2% better than the banks

24-hour customer service

Get phone/email support any time of the day


Convert funds by phone, online or WhatsApp


Choose from leading FX providers that saves you the most money

Customer Testimonials

Abena Safo

Most recently l used Spetrex to send money 💴 to my mom! The transition was so smooth! My mom received the money within minutes with zero transfer cost ! Y’all are awesome 👏! Thank you and l will most definitely use this company again for any money transfer!

Jane Odia

I was pleased with the service I received from Spetrex, when I was planning on going for my masters they played a big role in making it happen. I am glad to have used their services they were informative and supportive and gave me so many great choices which I am grateful for.

Eva Lopez

Spetrex is just the best. The agent was very professional and honest, which I appreciate a lot. My admission process went so smooth and since I have been in school this agency has helped in money transfers from home to help with my tuition and other expenses. I am grateful I chose this agency

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