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Spetrex is a bespoke platform that connect people with currency needs within your city and internationally. We are here to bridge the gap between world travelers, foreign students, businesses and immigrants sending money home. SPETREX was established to revolutionize money transmission industries by giving you the option to decide the best rates to exchange your money, we help you reduce hefty bank charges while exchanging currencies with other users. Spetrex help our users make informed decisions and easily compare best currency rates online.

With Spetrex you can choose to transfer internationally, exchange locally or select from conventional money transmission companies to cater for your FX needs. Spetrex provide you with easy and seamless way to send money for medical treatment abroad, sending money home to loved once, or expat paying bills back home. We make sure your hard-earned money is not all taken away by banks and other money transfer companies charging huge transfer fees, saving you money to take care of your other needs. We provide the platform to help you transfer money abroad and exchange local money with real people. There are no hidden fees, no commissions.

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At Spetrex our mission is to provide bespoke platform where you can fully maximize the value of your currency exchange by bringing the best currency rates to our registered users.


Our vision is of a world where Spetrex users are given a platform to select from a variety of money saving currency exchange services.

What we offer

Spetrex provide quality social preform, 24/7 exchange and transfer services to help you choose your preferred FX method, save money, find the best services and much more.

We cover a wide range of topics including: