Find answers to some our FAQs

Spetrex is a platform that allows travellers, foreign students, expats, and business people to make instant currency exchange locally or transfer internationally. You decide the exchange rate, there are no hidden fees and no commissions. For additional information please check our explainer videos presentations.

When you upload a request on Spetrex, you will not be charged for your first 3 transaction, on your 4th transaction, you will be offered the option to subscribe or make 1% payment for each posted transaction. This is the fee charged by Spetrex for providing the matching services. No other commission and no exchange rate spread is charged. You pay what you see.

Spetrex offers 3 different subscription types. You may decide which of these subscription types fits your transfer needs.

Spetrex daily Silver at 1% per transaction
Spetrex monthly Gold at 3.99 USD
Spetrex yearly platinum at 15.99 USD

Spetrex account is free! Simply click “signup” on our website and follow the steps

• Personal account: Verify by email. Submit your government issue ID
• Business account: (Coming soon) Verify by email. Submit the company document, wait for approval.
• Partnership account: (Coming soon) Verify by email. Submit the company document, wait for approval.

Spetrex IOS and Android mobile app is coming soon. For now you you can simply visit our website and start Transferring and Exchanging Money.

Spetrex is available wherever there is internet connection, anywhere in the world. Once you are matched with other people you can begin exchanging local currency or sending money abroad.

You have the power to negotiate your own rates. We give you the power to negotiate at parallel market rates which means both sides of a match gets a fair deal.

Spetrex online FX: With our FX service, you can send money the traditional way overseas through our partners OFX, TransferWise and Xe. Spetrex online FX is operated and administered exclusively by our partners. SPE does not operate or administer these transfers.

Spetrex currency exchange: Our currency exchange allows you to exchange money locally within your neighborhood, city, state or country. We match you with people with real people within your geographic location.

Spetrex currency transfer: Our currency transfer is similar to the currency exchange. However, Spetrex match you with people internationally by selecting preferred country, negotiate rate and get a proxy to pick up the money from your match in a safe location.

For the security of our users, Spetrex must checked and verified all user accounts using a government issued identification for trustworthy experience. All of your personal information is encrypted and securely saved in our database. Spetrex does NOT sell, loan or rent your personal data to a third parties. Spetrex recommends leaving a review for your match after an exchange or transfer to improve each user trustworthiness. Such reviews provide a valuable insight for other users.

Spetrex goal is to make sure that all users on our platform are transacting with someone legitimate. The security and safety of users is paramount to us at Spetrex.

No, Spetrex only use your government issued ID to verify your identity. Your match does not have that information.